About Me

Elements that are listed below certainly help me be the best possible model I can be ,especially when they are all combined, whether working with newer or established photographers. I think this is why...

~ Imagination... I love to come up with fresh new ideas for shoots which means I can add thoughtful input  wherever it is needed. I can help translate your ideas to the image by adding a few of my own ideas to bring your image to life.

~ Patience... I'm friendly and relaxed, as well as encouraging and non-judgemental so if you're trying out a new style or technique be sure to take your time. 

~ Efficiency... I'm smart with time, outfit changes and making sure my make-up and hair is right. Also, I naturally take direction and can pose with ease , ensuring we get as much done as possible in the time frame given.

~ Adaption... I'm good at listening & staying aware of your aims, being in tune with the style, mood & inspirations at hand. I recognise the importance of sometimes working slowly & holding poses for a number of shots, as well as moving more dynamically through a flow of shapes. I'm also very emotive , so can change my expressions on the spot to match the pose/brief.

~ Focus... I appreciate every booking and work with a positive attitude. I'm always happy to review, repeat and refine a shot until we've got it just right. I'm willing to get cold and/or uncomfortable too. You'll have my full attention, energy and enthusiasm given on our shoot  (and of course I request the same from those I work with, for respect and consideration for my effort, comfort and safety).

Hello, Im Jessica Taylor, a full time  model, based in Birmingham UK. However I travel frequently , so don't let this put you off.  I have experience working with creatives of all abilities in an array of styles .  Ive participated in photography workshops/events , worked with artists , had various publications and have appeared in a short film . Im also signed to Unite Model Management (Not restricted ) .I have so much passion for job and have loved the creative processes that its allowed me to be involved in so far . I can't wait to see what the future brings . 


If i was to describe my appearance  in one in word it would be  “Natural”. Im often compared to an English rose. My skin is clear , however I do have a small scar on one cheek but it is not very noticeable and can be easily edited out if you wish.My hair  is naturally dark blonde  and I have full head of long flowing wavy/curly locks. I  have blue eyes and brightly contrasting lips which makes my features stand out  against my pale skin. My frame is petite and i have long limbs therefore I often appear taller than I am . As for any modifications I have none other than my single ear piercing.  I am a blank canvas waiting to be transferred into the brief I am given.


Height: 5"7/169cm






Shoe Size:5UK/38EU

Dress Size:UK6/8

Hair Colour:Dark Blonde

Hair Length:Long

Tattoos/Piercings:Ears Piercing Only


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