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Im lucky enough to have worked with various creatives over the years . I have now collected over 440+ positive testimonies on multiple platforms ....Here are just a few so that you can get an insight to what im like to work with ...

"This young lady is fire...

Jessica is so talented and professional. I am so lucky to find her. Initial contact was great! Her response was fast, packed with information and straight to the point. Jessica can pose naturally and beautifully and she can move very fast from pose to pose with grace to make sure we could get the best image which make studio time so well spent. She has great creativity and most of the time she poses undirected. There are a few times you just give her an idea, and she will explore every aspect of it to create more wonderful result than what you could have hoped for.  Beautiful, intelligent, work hard, no fuss! This young lady is so inspiring and I can't wait to work with her again. Thank you, Jessica!

Lien Hairbowswounderworld x

This was my first shoot with Jessica and Wow! What a stunning model, naturally very beautiful with a great figure, smooth pale skin and long flowing hair - a photographers dream. When I heard that she was on tour down South I jumped at a chance to work with her. She’s a very versatile model and very comfortable doing portrait and beauty as well as fashion and art nude. She is excellent at posing so no direction needed. She’s relaxed and confident, really chatty and easy to get on with. The results of the shoot were fantastic, I can’t wait to get on and edit them. Overall a great day and obviously highly recommended. Please come back and visit us again soon preferable when it’s not raining. I also got to see one of her super powers in action: x-ray vision can can spot chocolate biscuits hidden in a cupboard at 20 metres!

Bournemouth Photography 

We booked Jess for a camera club evening and it went brilliantly! Pre-shoot comms were great. A lively model, Jess pose flows like liquid so you’re guaranteed to get a really diverse range of images! She interacts with props and sets fantastically well, an absolute professional Friendly and encouraging with the more amateur photographers in the club, everyone left happy and that’s exactly what we wanted. Book this young lady! 

Studio X

When I read a model’s portfolio and they say that they are versatile and like experimenting with expressions, I think “heard it before”. When Jessica came to town, she demonstrated beyond any doubt that she has great versatility in looks and poses and a wide range of expressions. She went from young and innocent to steamy and sultry with a flick of her hair. We had to curtail our studio shoot due to the extreme heat in the studio (in Scotland???) but still secured a large number of excellent shots. If you measure the success of a shoot by the percentage of good images, it was a great success. Despite the difficult conditions, Jessica persevered and produced result after result. It was a privilege to work with her.

Ritchie Photos

Had a fantastic shoot with Jessica as part of her studio day at the Hacienda.

A natural beauty who totally understood the theme and emotion needed from the shoot. An absolute joy to work with, and has levels of experience far beyond her years.

Highly recommended that you work with Jess....she's amazing!

Look forward to working together again in the near future

Sean~The Hacienda

Jessica stayed over for a couple of days whilst touring the South West.

From a modelling point of view, she is highly skilled at providing a wide range of poses and readily adapts to the vibe of a particular setting. Beautifully proportioned with a nice mane of hair, what more can a photographer ask for.

Jessica is good fun to have around and reaffirms that model photography is a rewarding, worthwhile hobby.

Highly recommended. I look forward to working with her again.

Ken P

This young lady is just the best.

I have never known an 8-hour shoot go so fast.

From the moment, I meet Jessica I know I was in for a great days shooting.

Coffee and a chat about locations and we were away.

Jessica may only be 19 years old. But the mind is of a woman in here mid 20’s.

No fuss per shoot comms. All things I asked for were in the bag on arrival.

To say that Jessica can poses without direction is an understatement. She flows with grace and easy.

Just a great shoot with a wonderful young Model. A real joy to spend time with and got some Epic shoot out of the day.

If you get a chance to work with Jessica then jump at it. She is in high demand and I understand why.

Without doubt for me, the best shoot I have had with a young Model ever!

Jessica, you are a real star.

Thank you so very much


Totally top notch - no argument! I managed to fit in a quick shoot with Jessica during her highly successful long weekend at my studio and she well and truly exceeded my expectations. She fully understood the notion of quirky fashion and worked her socks off to achieve brilliant results. She's an absolutely beautiful lady with exceptional modeling skills and so very easy to get on with - probably because she's a tiny bit nuts! Very much looking forward to her return and I can recommended her to the highest degree!

Expressions Box

This was my second shoot with Jessica. She arrived on time and we drove to a double-waterfall located on Dartmoor. It's quite difficult to find and access, and tricky when you get there because of slippery rocks, etc. Jess has great energy and agility, and handled it all really well. In fact she achieved far more than I was expecting, even managing to climb to the top of the waterfall! The images I was able to capture far exceeded my wildest expectations. Later we walked from the waterfall to where the stream feeding it meets the river Dart. Here there are huge rocks in the river. Jess positively relished clambering over the rocks to find excellent spots for posing. Just like the endless flow of water she has the ability to create an endless flow of body shapes. Thank goodness modern cameras have practically endless memory! If you are planning an outdoor shoot that requires the kinds of physical skills I have mentioned then Jess is the ideal model.

John T

Had my first shoot with Jessica at my home studio in Cheltenham. Pre-shoot communications were excellent, shoot easily arranged and agreed, not endless communication. Jessica arrived on time, her make-up & hair was done to a high standard and she was ready to shoot almost immediately.


After a cup of tea and chat to discuss the type of images we both wanted to create, we were ready to shoot. After the first few test shots, I knew I would not have any trouble creating some fantastic images.


Jessica is a stunning girl, striking face, beautiful skin and with a very well-toned body. Jessica has an enormous repertoire of ideas, poses and loves to extend and experiment to create great images. A real perfectionist who pushed herself hard to ensure that we achieved the results that we both wanted. She constantly checked the images to ensure we captured the image that we both wanted.


We established a great rapport, ensuring the shoot was chilled and relaxed but we created some fantastic images, and most importantly, she is very down to earth and approachable, we had lots of laughs and the time just flew by. I would thoroughly recommend Jessica to any photographer, experienced or someone just starting out, you will not be disappointed………………….but don’t forget the sweets!!!!

Des Broucher

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